Psychotherapeutic Intervention

Psychotherapeutic Intervention

Psychotherapeutic Interventions at GIA Boca Raton

Every person that walks through the doors of GIA Boca Raton is unique. We all have our individual stories, genetic makeup, and our present environment - and we all have different needs.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when treating mental health conditions or substance use disorders, and people don't always display the same symptoms when experiencing mental health issues. By tailoring each program to our patient's specific needs, we make wellness as accessible as possible.

We are very proud of our inclusive ethos and world-standard clinical excellence. If you are struggling with mental health or substance use, our highly qualified and compassionate team are here to help. They'll deliver a tailored combination of psychotherapeutic interventions to get you back on your feet.

The Best Help Possible

Our psychotherapeutic interventions aim to get to the root cause of your problems. It's no use only looking at the surface behaviors - we want you to thrive and feel free. To do that, we need to look at the underlying causes and triggers for your mental health issues.

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Although the term psychotherapeutic intervention might seem clinical, it's a very kind process. The healing process isn't always easy, and you'll certainly come up against challenges. We aim to help you cope with these everyday stresses and triggers and help treat any co-occurring disorders that could be amplifying your problems. For example, if PTSD is fuelling your cocaine addiction, we'll address both issues.

Examples of the psychotherapeutic interventions you will find at GIA Boca Raton are:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most versatile and commonly-used forms of psychotherapeutic intervention. According to the American Psychological Association, it's effective for a huge range of problems, including, but not limited to, depression, substance use disorder, and anxiety.

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CBT is target orientated and focuses on changing unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors and developing positive coping strategies for psychological problems. You'll work closely with our therapists to develop your goals and develop strategies for problem-solving. For example, you might learn how to:

  • Recognize distortions of your own thinking
  • Improve confidence in your own abilities
  • Face your fears
  • Calm your body and mind in the face of adversity

When we understand the negative ways we deal with problems, we can start to approach them in a constructive and empowering manner.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a type of CBT. It aims to help us be more mindful, cope with stress healthily, improve our emotional regulation, and better our relationships with other people.

DBT was initially developed for those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) but has a wide range of applications, particularly for those who suffer from self-destructive conditions such as eating disorders, gambling addiction, and substance use. It is also used for PTSD.

DBT helps us develop mindfulness skills, exist in the present moment, and notice what's happening within us. When we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, and impulses, it enables us to slow down during emotional distress and avoid engaging in harmful coping strategies.

When you work with our therapists to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, the reasons you react a certain way will begin to make sense. You'll also learn new, healthy ways to cope with any crisis, including:

  • Recognize distortions of your own thinking
  • Improve confidence in your own abilities
  • Face your fears
  • Calm your body and mind in the face of adversity

Couples Therapy

Substance use and mental health conditions don't just affect the individual - the effects ripple out through to their loved ones and friends. At GIA Boca Raton, we're committed to helping you heal, and this includes helping your loved ones find peace of mind and understand how they can support you.

These conditions can cause a great deal of disappointment and resentment that can slowly wear away at a relationship if untreated. Whether addiction or mental health directly affects one party in the relationship or both, you're going to need to integrate recovery into your relationship.

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At couples therapy, you'll be able to make peace with the past and find closure in a safe, supervised, and compassionate environment. You'll both have the option of a psychiatric diagnosis and have access to the latest in evidence-based talking therapies and cutting-edge neuroscientific treatment delivered by our resident experts. Often, we find that undiagnosed mental health issues are at the bottom of couples issues - we're here to help you heal as a unit.


At GIA Boca Raton, we're committed to helping as many people as we can. Convenience shouldn't get in the way of you getting the treatment you need. Some people lead hectic lives and don't feel they can take time out to get help.

Our telehealth service is the perfect antidote to this. You can receive precisely the same standard of care you would if you came into our center from wherever you are in the world. Geography and busy schedules no longer have to stand in the way of you finding recovery.

At GIA Boca Raton, we offer HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, app-based support, and a broad range of online classes and recovery-specific content on our YouTube channel.

Start Your New Life

Our psychotherapeutic interventions are just one part of the wrap-around support that GIA Boca Raton offer. Call us today at (561) 464-6811 for a free and confidential assessment.

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