Intensive Treatment Program–3A

Intensive Treatment Program–3A

A uniquely customizable and concierge therapy program is now offered at GIA Miami. 3A is an intensive recovery program for mental health and addiction recovery that our premier partners at Millennium Counseling Center have developed and fine tuned over the last 10+ year. It can now be facilitated in our Miami office or virtually throughout Florida. For more information please call 833.713.0828

Personalized Attention

Dedicated therapist in charge of developing and managing a personalized program of wrap-around care suited to the individual's requirements utilizing Millennium's proven addiction treatment methods. Sessions of counseling for the client and their core group of family and friends to create responsibilities within the client's recovery support network.

Continued Accountability

Individual therapy sessions occur every day. Inclusion in a weekly recovery group.  Accountability to a counselor seven days a week.

Radical Acceptance

Homework assignments and activities to help clients embrace addiction as a fatal disease and prioritize recovery. Counseling sessions to discuss how addiction has affected everyone and the need for ongoing care for the whole family system.

We Can Help You on Your Path to Mental Wellness - It's Time to Make a Change

It's Time to Make a Change

We Can Help You on Your Path to Mental Wellness
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